Black screen

The color black can come in many different shades. Each one has a different function. Choose the one that you are interested in. By default, the screen is pure deep black. Once you choose a color, you can download it or make it full blank screen online right now.

Black screen
Click to use full black screen online
  • Pure Black
  • Soft Black
  • Carbon Black
  • Pitch Black
  • Graphite

Download Black Background

You can download a deep black sheet file with no lettering for free. We will create your chosen shade in the format you need, if space saving is important you can download HD format, it can be stretched without loss of quality. If you don't have the technical ability to stretch to full screen, download in high quality Full HD (1920x1080) or 4K (3840x2160).

What is a black screen?

It's a blank canvas of black colored pixels with no borders, lettering, or other elements. To make the entire screen black, you need to do a few things: go to "" and click on the "make fullscreen" button.

Why do I need a black screen?

Today, there are more than 7 billion of us. Everyone may have different needs: a light glow on their phone screen, a dark background for a second monitor. We are very interested in how you can use our functionality, write us and we will post your comment below: [email protected].

What people are saying about the black screen:

Good quality black screen

Thanks for the cool service, you always help out with different color palette.

Wiping the smudges on my monitor

The rich black I always use to wipe my monitor after washing.

Frame for 4k monitor

Sometimes I resort to tricks. I need to emphasize a small part of the monitor, a black screen helps me with that.

Black screen for power saving

Displaying black pixels can help save battery life. So I try to save energy, reduce carbon dioxide emissions when I go away.

Black screen to make a dark background

It is a contrast color which is easy on the eyes, consumes less energy, all my concentration is only on screen labels.