White screen

The color white can come in many different shades. Each of them has its own function. Choose the one you are interested in. By default, the screen is pure white. Once you choose a color you can download it or make it full blank screen online right now.

White screen
Click here for full screen online
  • Pure White
  • Cold White
  • Cool White
  • Warm White
  • Antique White

Download White Background

You can download the file with a clean white sheet absolutely free. We will generate your chosen shade in the format you need, if space saving is important, you can download HD format, it can be stretched without loss of quality. If you do not have the technical ability to stretch to full screen, download in high quality Full HD (1920x1080) or 4K (3840x2160).

What is a white screen?

It is a blank canvas of white colored pixels that have no border, lettering, or other elements. To make the whole screen white you need to make a few manipulations: go to the site "fullwhitescreen.com", and click on the button "make full screen".

What is a white screen for?

We are now more than 7 billion people. Everyone has their own needs may arise: a flashlight using the screen of the phone, highlighting on stencils using the screen of a tablet or laptop, the atmosphere in the room using the screen of a computer laptop or TV. We are very interested in how you could use our functionality, drop us a mail and we will post your comment below: [email protected]

What people say about this screen:

Handy desktop wallpaper for milimalists like me

It is very convenient, the whole screen becomes readable. All icons and pictures are visible. It is important to play with different tones, because the eyes need to take care.

Downloaded a white background for testing screens

Very good stuff if you are a system administrator, quickly you can test your monitor before buying. I recommend it, clean white sheet, no watermark and other nonsense.

A nice bright white flashlight

Helps when there is no way to turn on a light. I use your white screen to find my keys :)

A good tool for finding broken pixels

A white screen is great for finding pixels that are broken. After all, this color is assembled from 3 RGB colors. So I advise you not to forget this site.

When the whole screen is white, I easily clean the monitor

When the screen is all white, I can easily clean the monitor from smudges. The key here is not to overdo it to prevent breakage.

White screen is a great light fixture for kids

I use different colors on my site all the time to create a sleep environment for my daughters. The kids are happy with a non-intrusive light, and it can always be adjusted through their phone settings.

Bright nighttime workstation lighting

Very handy, thanks for the choice of backlight tone. Your white screen is a godsend for me. My husband is asleep, I use the laptop to light it up and can work for a couple more hours.

white background for selfies

I'm a photographer, and I downloaded myself a blank white screen and use it all the time in the field when I need to add some artsy lighting.

I liked your functionality

Very clear to use to find broken pixels. I don't know who needs shades, but overall clear interface. I detected a large backlight on my MacBook using your online functionality. It wasn't obvious when surfing the internet, but it wasn't a nice picture. I am now taking it in for repair.